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Jiangxi Zhilian Plastics Chemicals Technology Co Ltd is located at Yongfeng Jiangxi As one of the largest manufacturer of oleamide erucamide and stearamide in China with support from professional science research institute and independent research and development with innovated process technology and advanced production equipment company is committed to research develop produce and promote application of high efficient environmental friendly and functional additives in functional master batch printing ink coating leather and cable such as anti sticking slipping anti block dipersing de filming brightening levelling and anti static Company has awarded titles such as provincial non public...

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Oleic Acid Amide

Erucic Acid Amide

Stearic Acid Amide

Ethylene Bis Stearamide


Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate

Octadecyl Erucamide

Ethylene Bis Oleamide

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